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new page Hospital Horrors & links to Safe haven crisis Houses

New page added: Hospital Horrors February 2012

Have also created a list of links to Crisis Houses & Safe Havens in the UK and Ireland which I'm aware of, right side of blog under Twitter feed, some of which I've visited, others which I hope to visit, adding to the list as I go along: 


In May 2011 I visited Dial House, Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service (LSLCS) while running, voluntarily, Peer Support Fife, accompanied by committee member Ross.  We also met up with Carers Jen Kilyon & Theresa Smith from Soteria Network, Bradford. 

Later that year I organised a conference At the Sharp Edge, Dunfermline, Fife, about peer-led crisis alternatives, in collabortion with SAMH, at which Fiona Venner, LSLCS, gave a presentation.  Billy Watson was unable to do the opening address as he was returning from IIMHL in America. 


I visited the Drayton Park Women's Crisis House, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust, in July 2016 and heard about the Service from Manager Shirley McNicholas who was instrumental in setting it up in 1995.

from left to right: Shirley, me, Hannah, 19July2016

‘I’d Rather Die Than Go Back to Hospital’: Why We Need a Non-medical Crisis House in Every Town @AnneCooke14

"Drayton Park women’s crisis house in North London offers an alternative to hospital admission for women experiencing mental health crises. It was Shirley McNicholas’ vision that brought it into existence and she has been leading the service since it opened.  As it approaches its twentieth anniversary in December, she talks to Anne Cooke."


Link to website page What are crisis houses?

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