Monday, 16 April 2018

won't make Ireland trip

Unfortunately I'm not going to manage Dublin and Ireland trip on Wednesday due to sore throat and swollen glands, not feeling well enough to travel, maybe another time, was looking forward to it, disappointing but can't be helped.  

Since the turn of the year I've had flu type bugs, sore ear, throat, head stuff.  2017 had various stressors, not least my youngest son's collapsed lung and operation at the end of November, another difficult Christmas time.


Planned trip:

Dublin, Belfast, 18-21 April 2018
Internet Interventions Conference, Trinity College

Trinity College Dublin 26Feb11; photo by son, of me taking photo!
Some other photos from Ireland trip in February 2011:

me taken by my Son in Trinity College grounds
River Liff, Dublin

firestarter, Dublin

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