Saturday, 5 May 2018

the best laid schemes ... gang aft agley

Unfortunately ill health has meant I'm unable to visit Ireland and Wales, despite booking the trips, can't be helped.  I've had flu viruses since the beginning of the year, earache then more recently sore throat and a thyroid cyst which will need investigated.  Last year had a number of stressors and it was a long, cold winter.  My body is obviously feeling the strain.

Therefore I've decided not to plan any more visits further afield as it's too costly, financially and energy wise, with no backup team or academic support, being an old-age pensioner and unwaged carer.   However I will continue to gather information and evidence, contacting projects by Email, researching online, promoting on this blog and others, to influence the development of same in Scotland.

Here was the slide I presented at the Minorities Conference July 2016, BPS, Tabernacle Street, London, about my proposed research:

My vision still remains.

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